Fiat Spa Trattori is a company of the FIAT group founded in 1919. Founder of the company is Giovanni Agnelli.

For many decades it had been established in Italy as the leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and tractors. In 1991, it cooperates with Ford - New Holland. In 1999, CNH Global group is established with both companies as members. Fiat Industrial is the major shareholder of the new company.

Fiat Trattori history begins in 1918 with the creation of the 30 hpFiat 702.
Based on various 702 model variants, in 1925 the company achieved a production of 2,000 units.

By 1929, they sold 1,000 tractor units per year.

In the post war era, Fiat continues to grow.

In 1975, it acquires 20% of LAVERDA Spa and in 1977 total production of tractors since the company started reached 1,200,000 units.

In 1977, Fiat acquired US company Hesston, a leader in livestock equipment and Agrifull specialised in small vineyard tractors.

Thus, Fiat Trattori changed its name to Fiatagri, changing the brand color from orange to burgundy and keeping the leaf as a trademark symbol.

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