Windshield Wipers & Spare Blades

Drivers initially questioned the invention of Mary Anderson who manufactured the first manual windshield wipers in 1903. They thought it was safer for someone to drive in the rain and snow even if visibility is poor, than having to pull a lever to wipe the glass.
Then, another lady called Charlotte Bridgewood, invented an automatic wiper version with an electric roller in 1917. It also did not gain acceptance.
Aderson’s patent expired in 1920. Cadillac was the first to add windshield wipers to its models and soon other companies followed.

We at Tractor glass consider windshield wipers a requirement for the assurance of visibility and safe driving; we supply our customers with the most important brand names in the market.
VALEO, TRICO, CHAMPION, SWF, BOSCH etc. wipers provide solutions for demanding and safe driving.
Our collection consist of simple, beam-style and silicone wipers.
You will find the right replacement among a large variety of sizes.
We also have a wide range of replacement rubber blades and support pin arms. We can therefore replace your worn rubber at the minimum cost.

So, make sure that you select your vehicle windshield wiper based on these special features:

  • Maximum contact for enhanced performance.
  • Optimal visibility.
  • Suitable for cold conditions with a freeze resistant blade rubber.
  • Design adapted to vehicle design.
  • Silent operation.
  • Easy assembly-disassembly.

Having as main objective to supply our customers with top quality products, you are welcome to visit us and let us serve you!!!!