Solar Films

At Tractor glass we use 3M [Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing] and ASWF [American Standard Window Film] films.

Solar films are the most reliable and cost-effective solution for protection from the sun and its harmful effects, ensuring that you and your car receive the safety you need.

Currently, competition and advanced technology have created high quality films.
We thus achieve, through a smart investment, the necessary protection of the car and its passengers from heat and UV radiation.

Affordable prices and manufacturing quality guarantee lifetime:

  • Protection from heat and sun exposure harmful effects for passengers.
  • Glare protection, making driving more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Protection of the car interior from discoloration and wear.
  • Passenger protection in the event of glass breaking, avoiding injuries caused by glass fragments.
  • Discreet car look, without tears and blisters.

The films come from well known manufacturing and distribution companies characterised by high levels of optical precision and performance. We can thus achieve great results. Protection from solar and ultraviolet radiation can reach up to 99%. Glare light transmission can be limited to just 4%. All these benefits can be achieved through a range of films depending on your needs and the material use method.

Contact us and we will propose the appropriate solution based on the functionality you require.