Glass Cranks – Regulators & Spare Parts

The power windows are now standard for most vehicle manufacturers.
Packard was the first to introduce power windows in 1940. Since then, all manufacturers adapted to the new trend and gradually began to equip all of their models with electric regulators.
Nowadays, power window operation is quick and quiet using controls buttons on the door or in the central console. Additionally, in case someone persistently activates the button and an obstacle is encountered in the glass path, the mechanism for security reasons reverses its operation and lowers the glass to avoid injury.

Today the mechanisms are manufactured with quality materials and undergo proper operation tests thus ensuring maximum possible reliability.

These mechanisms are divided into scissor-type, cable driven, single and double Bowden types.
Most models have detachable motors and a large range of repairable parts.

In our company you will find a wide range of regulators both manual and electric. In addition, repair spare parts include cables, rollers, motion bearings, tensioners, glass mounting clips.

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